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MTE Watch WinderMTE Watch Winder


Security safe equiped with 40 MTE Watch Winder Modules

This safe is in accordance to the Euro/VdS IV, VdS-directive 2450.




40 moving WTM watch winder modules are integrated in 4 drawers of a VdS certified safe (official certificate of the German insurance companies).

The installation with 40 MTE watch winders is a special development for safes with drawers and very less space. This installation includes 8 tilting mounting plates with 5 watch winder modules per plate. Each module can be controlled individually. The position (tilt angle) of the  watch winders changes depending on the position of the drawer. This helps to implement or to remove the watches very comfortable from the winders. On the other hand the watches will be wound reliable when drawer is closed.

Safe with slightly opened drawers
Winder module in 45° operating position
Winder module in horizontal position to remove the watches easily
Close up with wrist watch

MTE / OriginTimes Watch Winders in Luxury and Antique Safes

„Antiquity meets modern spirit“ – that’s the appearance of the safes from company Döttling as well as from the customer specific watch winder technology of MTE / ORIGINTIMES. Depending on the complete design, the antique impression and of course on the customer specific requirements, the watch winder technique and its control electronic will be adapted accordingly. Not one “exemplar” looks like the other. The modern technology and the unlimited variety of the watch winders components makes the complete and final product unique.


There are different and very individual safes with special interiors from the company Döttling GmbH Germany. All of them are equipped with watch winder technology of MTE and the premium brand ORIGINTIMES. With the special refining of these watch winders your extraordinary wrist watch will be presented in an exceptional “rotating” way.

With attention to details antique safes are restored and equipped with MTE watch winders. During this process the final product will never lose its charm and its historic origin.

The customer always has the choice between single control or central control for all the watch winders.

 New Example of Use:
Touch Display OLED from MTE

Example how to integrate the watch winder control unit OLED harmoniously in the center of your watch winder installation.
Watch winder panel in “Bel-Air”
Watch winder panel in antique safe
Leather covered panel / ornamental rings on Winder modules
Back view of panel

MTE Watch Winder in Brasil


Visual and technical impressive variety of the world of safes joins watch winder technique of MTE. For each safe model there exists a technical solution with MTE watch winders. If single box or big units with more than 100 watch winder modules everything is developed and manufactured by the company Watch Cellar Brasil. Nearly all products are produced exclusively and customer individual according to their (unusual) requirements.


Watch Cellar, the market leader in Brasil, exclusively implements in their watch winder products MTE technique since many years. Same as with company Döttling, the customized design for housing and interior is the most important thing. Different shapes, colors and materials are merged to create strange but nice and unique units for individualists. Even unpretentious but convenient objects with watch winder technique from MTE are manufactured at the company Watch Cellar.


Small safe with 10 watch winder modules
Watch winder box
Watch winder box with differend leather looks
Watch winder cabinet with 40 watch winders (retractable by lift mechanism)
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